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While everyone is looking for the latest social media hacks, go where people are actively looking for hairdressers... Google. Yeap, every day in your local area, people actively reach out to find a new hairdresser.

And that is via typing in "hairdresser near me", "hairdresser and their suburb" into google. These people are what we refer to hot leads; they want a hairdresser, and they want one now.

They look at the top 3 choices on the map, and if you are in the top 3 with enough positive reviews, guess who they call? Creating a free listing on Google isn't enough anymore. Imagine if you had a partner who would actively get you in the top 3 and give off the correct signals to Google and the leads that, yes, you are the best choice.


Google Business Supercharge

Ensure your Google listing is not only complete but gives off the correct signals to Google to place you on the map. Sure it's a tedious task to do, and we take care of curating your listing to be the best it can be to Google and, most importantly, for leads to find your salon.

Social Proof

Let your current customers attract more people just like them. We help increase your reviews and display them live on your website. Easily add this to your website without dealing with an expensive web designer with our unique software.

Citation Building

Cleanup and submission to authority sites to ensure your listing is correct anywhere a client may look for you. Think Apple Maps, Bing search engines and more. We leave no stone unturned to correctly provide everything that links back to your website.

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